Some stories start in a lab…others start in a boardroom. Our story starts with a walk in the woods...

For Susan Henry, one Beverly Hills’ and Hollywood’s top colorists, a walk through California’s Redwood forests with her daughter was a welcome respite as she recovered from the debilitating effects of ammonia poisoning. For Susan, the very tools and environment that allowed her to make the “who’s who of Hollywood” beautiful…had dramatically affected her health and brought her career to a screeching halt. Crippled with debilitating rashes, eye infections, upper respiratory infections and chronic bronchitis, life became a struggle.


flower2As fate would have it, Susan’s daughter was studying botany at Humboldt State and convinced her to visit and tour the nearby redwoods forest. It was there amongst mother nature’s most impressive display of wonder that Susan was inspired to seek a natural alternative for permanent color that would last as long (if not longer) than a formula filled with ammonia and chemicals. After researching and conducting countless experiments at home in her kitchen, Susan had a breakthrough and finally achieved her goal for a “Natural Color Process”. An all-naturally derived, 100% ammonia free permanent and long lasting color with the lowest amount of PPD in the darker colors available on the market at 0.05%.


Today, Susan Henry’s story and color has touched the lives of tens of thousands of women who have desperately sought alternatives during pregnancy, recovering from cancer and for those who wish to achieve Beauty Without Consequence.