Gray Hair: To Color or Not To Color?


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Gray Hair: To Color or Not To Color?

If you are experiencing gray hair growth, you may ask yourself whether or not you should color your gray hair.  This may be a big question, especially if you have never colored your hair before.

If you already have gray hair you may be debating on whether or not you should continue coloring your gray hair. You may feel that it is time to accept and embrace your beautiful new gray hair or you may be concerned with damaging your hair using chemically infused, ammonia-filled hair color.

With the growing number of people seeking healthier alternatives in every aspect of their life, you may feel that choosing not to color your gray is the only natural option for you. I am here to tell you that there IS a healthy, more natural alternative to permanent hair color.

Susan Henry Naturals is an organic and natural based hair color line that is non-toxic, biodegradable, hypoallergenic, 100% ammonia-free!

Naturals hair color is so natural it is safe for pregnant women, those suffering from hair loss and/or recovering from cancer.

Naturals also offers 100% GRAY COVERAGE! This is true regardless of your desired hair color or whether you have 100% gray! Please scroll through a few of the before and after pictures to see the amazing results for yourself.

Want to know where you can find Susan Henry Naturals Permanent Hair Color?

Please click here to find a salon near you! Or visit

Looking to color your hair at home?

You can purchase Susan Henry boxed color at

Decide not to cover your gray hair? No worries!

Susan Henry Naturals has an amazing hair oil and hair gloss to enhance your natural highlights.

Experiencing scalp issues?

Susan Henry also has an amazing scalp oil you will love.

In or around the LA Area?

Visit Susans salon, Shades Natural Hair Color Studio in Beverly Hills and schedule a consultation today!


Our mission is to provide you with the very best solutions beautiful hair by turning from the path of chemical driven answers and looking instead to Mother Nature. We proudly develop professional, ammonia-free color and care products to give you radiant and healthy hair without fear. Beauty should come without consequence. Confidence should come without risk.

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